Disposable Dental Accessories

  • Disposable Plastic Waterproof PE Apron for Medical and Household

    Disposable Plastic Waterproof PE Apron for Medical and Household

    1. Oil-proof and smooth surface, can keep clean and sanitary
    2. High quality PE material, non-toxic and non-irritating for body
    3. With different type surface, you can choose by your actual requirement
    4. Prevent dust and splash, protect body away from pollution of dirty water and dust
  • Dental Cotton Roll

    Dental Cotton Roll

    Dental Cotton Roll

    • 100% highly absorbent cotton

    • Pure white • Size1: 8x38mm, 2000pcs/bag

    • Size2: 10x38mm, 1000pcs/bag

    • Size3: 12x38mm, 1000pcs/bag

  • Micro Brush Applicator

    Micro Brush Applicator

    Dental Micro Brush Applicator

    • 1. Material: Plastic and fibre

    • 2. Type: S/M/L

    • 3. Total length: 100mm,

    • 4. Packing: 100pcs/barrel, 100boxes/ctn

    • 5. Colors: Green, White, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Black, Blue


  • Aspirator Tips

    Aspirator Tips

    Made of sturdy medical grade material,

    • patient comfort during treatment in dental clinic.

    • Color: white, green, blue • 1/8, 1/4, 1/16

    • Packing: 25pcs/bag, 100bags/carton


  • Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

    Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

    1. With medical adhesive tape make rapid and efficient sealing

    • 2. Medical grade paper + CPP/PET Film

    • 3. Initial blue turns brown when steam sterilization, Initial red turn blue color when EO sterilization

    • 4. Three sided explosion-proof can efficiently prevent the pouch from bursting

    • 5. Apply to both EO sterilization and STEAM sterilization


  • Sterilization flat reel

    Sterilization flat reel

    • 1. Medical grade paper + CPP/PET Film •

    2. The pouch can be sealed by sealing machines •

    3. 200 meters per roll •

    4. Three aligned sealed lines avoiding crack

    •5. Printed with double sterilization indicators for ethylene oxide and steam

    • 6. Initial red turns blue/yellow (when EO processed), Initial blue turns brown/yellow (Steam processed)

  • Dental Bib

    Dental Bib

    Dental Clinic Supplies Paper Apron Patient Bibs Waterproof Medical Dentist Dental Towel

  • Gauze Roll

    Gauze Roll

    Medical 100% natural cotton zigzag absorbent folded gauze roll

  • Paper Cup

    Paper Cup

    Dental paper cups